Business and Residential Dial-up Rates

TCI knows that there are some people who only use the internet for simple tasks like checking and sending emails, minor web browsing, or there’s not a broadband connection available in your area so that’s why we are offering dialup internet service. This inexpensive service allows you to connect a standard telephone line to the modem in your computer and the other end to your phone jack, configure settings on your computer to dial a specific number that’s provided by us and you’re able to connect to the internet.



We have no problem with providing you with the greatest service of coming to your home or business to setup this connection and showing you how to get connected. TCI is dedicated to making sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with their service so even with the simplest of problems, we are here for you.

Give us a call at (231) 796-2548 to ask about our rate plans and to setup an appointment.

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