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*Note: do not give your password out to anyone due to security issues*

*Existing customers can earn a free month of service for referring new customers*

Residential Wireless Rates

Plus a $5.00 Maintenance fee each month.
Static IP Addresses are $10.00 per month extra.
Site Surveys are $20.00 (Fee waived if installed same day)

Business Wireless Rates

Site Surveys are $20.00 (Fee waived if installed same day)
Static IP Addresses are $10.00 per month extra.

Maximum download speeds may vary based on site location and interference from foliage/trees/man-made structures.


Satellite Internet vs. Wireless Internet

Satellite internet is available through a satellite provider which provides internet through a satellite dish. The problem with satellite internet is that satellites are over 22,000 miles away from the earth and your satellite dish needs to be installed where it can get a clear line of sight of the satellites in space. Any physical obstacle or severe weather including rain, snow, powerful wind, or trees can cause your service to get interrupted.

Since satellites are located so far from the earth that can cause some interrupted service and slow down data speeds. Tucker Communications wireless internet service has low latency which means that your web pages will load up fast with minimal wait times.

Advantages of Wireless Internet over Satellite:

  • Cost Effective
  • More Reliable
  • Faster

Tucker Communications knows that wireless internet is a key resource to a business success and we want you to have the fastest and reliable service to make sure that your business runs smoothly and to make your customers happy.


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